TitBits – Bitbake

Find BB and BBAPPEND file location for a recipe

# Find BB file for a recipe
bitbake-layers show-recipes systemd -f 

=== Matching recipes: ===

# Find BB file for a recipe
bitbake -e systemd | grep ^FILE=


# Find BBAPPEND file for a recipe
bitbake-layers show-appends systemd 

=== Matched appended recipes ===

Note: Multiple files can be displayed in their priority order

List environment variables

In Yocto, environment variables can be listed by running the following command:

# List environment variables
bitbake -e

This command will print out all the environment variables and their values used by bitbake, including variables set by the build system and by the user.

The output can be filtered to see only the environment variables relevant to a specific recipe or package. For example, to see the environment variables for the busybox recipe, you can run:

# List environment variables for busybox
bitbake -e busybox

This will print out all the environment variables used by bitbake for the busybox recipe.

The output of bitbake -e can be redirected to a file for easier parsing and searching:

# Save environment info to file
bitbake -e busybox > env_vars.txt

env_vars.txt contents can filtered to get values of various environment variables

# Get values of environment variable 
cat env_vars.txt | grep ^SRC_URI=
cat env_vars.txt | grep ^FILESEXTRAPATHS=