PACKAGECONFIG in BitBake empowers the flexible configuration of optional features in software packages, enabling customization during the configuration stage. This tool allows selective enabling or disabling of features, specifying build dependencies, and tailoring builds to specific use cases or hardware configurations. By effectively understanding and utilizing PACKAGECONFIG, you can streamline the customization of your Yocto Project builds, optimizing your software package configurations.

Syntax and Usage

The syntax for PACKAGECONFIG in a BitBake recipe is as follows:

PACKAGECONFIG[feature_name] = "configure_option1, configure_option2, build_dependency1"
  • feature_name: A unique identifier for the feature.
  • configure_option: The option(s) passed to the ./configure script to enable or disable the feature.
  • build_dependency: Optional additional build dependencies specific to the feature.
Enabling and Disabling Features

To enable or disable a feature, define the corresponding PACKAGECONFIG[feature_name] entry in the recipe. The configure_option determines whether the feature is enabled or disabled during the build process.

#Enable a feature named myfeature:
PACKAGECONFIG[myfeature] = "--enable-myfeature,,"
#Disable a feature named myfeature:
PACKAGECONFIG[myfeature] = "--disable-myfeature,,"
Dependencies and Build Configuration

PACKAGECONFIG can handle feature-specific build dependencies. By specifying additional build_dependency entries, you can ensure that required packages or components are available when a particular feature is enabled.

PACKAGECONFIG[myfeature] = "--enable-myfeature,,myfeature-dependency"

Example 1: Enabling/Disabling a Feature

PACKAGECONFIG[ssl] = "--with-ssl,--without-ssl,"

This example allows the user to enable or disable SSL support in the software package by setting the PACKAGECONFIG variable accordingly.

Example 2: Feature with Build Dependency

PACKAGECONFIG[gui] = "--enable-gui,--disable-gui,gtk+"

Here, the gui feature is enabled with the --enable-gui option, disabled with --disable-gui, and requires the gtk+ library as a build dependency.